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The Theory of Everything


DAY 1 Arm Balance - Audrey 


Arm balance is more than pure strength and power. It is an art to understand how your body and different factors will affect your balancing on the palms. This workshop hopes to bring you new perspectives into arm balances through exploring different preparatory work and fun variations. 


In this immersion workshop you will learn: 

  • How the gaze and centre of gravity affects your balancing 

  • Conditioning drills for upper body strengthening 

  • Various entry forms and variations of arm balances 


DAY 2 Inversion - Audrey and Yonex (Pincha only) 

Pincha Mayurasana- also known as elbowstand, is an intermediate inverted skill that requires a great amount of body awareness. This workshop aims to integrate all physical aspects involved in an elbowstand and to provide a clearer picture of which muscle areas are fundamental in stabilizing the body. Through a thorough understanding of muscle engagement of the body, and effective drills to enhance awareness, this workshop sheds light on how to train to get your elbowstand. 


In this immersion workshop you will learn: 


  • The underlying mechanism in elbowstands

  • How flexibility affects the muscle engagement 

  • Conditioning to bring awareness to particular areas 

  • Drills to improve your techniques in elbowstands 


DAY 3 Backbend - Yonex


Many yoga practitioners have a love and hate relationship with backbends. This workshop will delve into deeper backbends with the right muscle engagement so that students can leave with tools to feel safe and secure in backbending. Whether you are new to the world of heart-opening or seeking to improve your skills for more advanced poses, this workshop will equip you with the knowledge in performing backbends safely. 


In this immersion workshop you will learn: 


  • Anatomy of the spine 

  • Muscles engagement in backbends

  • The roles of shoulders, core, hips, and legs in back bending 

  • Drills to improve your techniques in backbends 


For those of you who crave a deeper backbend with a safe and sustainable approach, we hope to see you on the mats!

Date: 24th Jul, 31st Jul, 7th Aug 2022
Time: 11:00 - 13:00
Capacity: 10
Fee: $560 (For a single day)

        $1550 (For all three days)

Day 1
Arm Balance

Day 2

Day 3



Intensive Handstand Series
Date: 11st, 28th Nov & 5th, 12th Dec 2020
Time: 4:30pm - 6:00pm
Capacity: 10
$1520(Early Bird Ends on 10th Nov 2020)
$1850 (Regular Price)


Upside Down
Inversion Workshop

Date: 17th March 2019
Time: 11:00am - 1:00pm
Capacity: 10
$420(Early Bird Ends on 10th March 2019)
$500 (Regular Price)

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